Luxury Vinyl

Buying Tips for Luxury Vinyl

Why Buy Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl (also called LVT or resilient flooring) is a long-lasting and economical choice for many applications. It especially shines when used in a kitchen since it is softer to stand on for long periods of time than either hardwood or ceramic flooring. Luxury vinyl is extremely durable, resisting dents, heat, and moisture damage – it holds up under the most adverse conditions! There are even some types of LVT that offer soundproofing protection.

Luxury vinyl is often used in commercial settings, but it remains an excellent choice for residential applications. It is possible, with leaps forward in digital printing technology, to mimic the look of hardwood, stone, and ceramic floors in incredible resolution – while being much more economical than any of those choices.

One of the best reasons to use luxury vinyl is the low maintenance of this flooring. To clean, only periodic sweeping up of accumulated dirt and debris is necessary. For any heavier dirt accumulation, a simple damp mop will suffice. Please remember to follow all manufacturer cleaning instructions, as some floors have specific needs.

Types of Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl comes in two general types. There is a type that resembles wood plank, appropriately called plank style (or LVP), and another that resembles large ceramic tiles, again, appropriately called tile style (or LVT). There are no differences in the installation or maintenance requirements of the two styles, so it is up to you and your preference. There are a great variety of looks that can be created with these two styles of luxury vinyl, so your choice will be determined by the design of your home.

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